Adrian Peterson Fitness Routine

Adrian Peterson, Leon Hall

Training with Adrian Peterson: Workout Routine in Fine Detail!

Playing sports has a definite advantage for players. Because of the events’ requirements we have to train harder and condition ourselves better to reach the peak of our performance. We eat better to further support our digestion and of course make our bodies more efficient.

Adrian-f1Adrian Peterson, a Texan footballer born in March 21, 1985, does this every day and as an NFL National Football League key player, he basically lives in and out of the season to be fit and healthy. Adrian’s career already gives him awards to recognize his performance in the sport. He won the Sports Illustrated All-Decade Team awards and Hall Trophy among the others in 2004. Adrian is also a record holder of garnering the most rushing yards in a game (296) and everyone’s first overall pick draft in the fantasy game.

Adrian does a very strict and tough workout routine. He and his team with the trainers prepare for the league before, during and after the season. It’s a cycle to build their core and stamina in the field. Built to count, everything in his training seems to contribute to his strength and core.

So how does Adrian do it? Adrian already structured his workout daily to condition his body to stress and stamina. On Mondays and Wednesdays he’s focused on his upper body strength. He does sets of neck warm up exercises for 10 reps and a set of standing shoulder shrug to wake his tough shoulder muscles. He does 3 sets of inclined press with three more of the inclined flat bench press of 10 repetitions. A set of machine pull up and over for 10 reps and a dumbbell lateral raise for another 10 repetitions and then one set of each machine chest press, incline machine chest press, machine overhead press, machine reverse flye, lat pull down, seated cable scapular retraction and seated cable row; all for 10 repetitions. Finished? Not quite, he also does a set of each, external and internal rotation, triceps press down, wrist flexion and wrist extension and another two sets of cable curls and hand grippe for 4 repetitions.

Adrian-f2On Tuesdays and Thursdays, he is focused on his lower body strength. He has to do a series of dead-lift, squats, Romanian dead lift, cable side bend, reverse crunches dumbbell step up, lunges glute ham rise and leg press 2 sets of each for 10 repetitions; all for 8-10 repetitions. Leg curls with and without the ball, one leg press, and one leg hip extension, bridge on his exercise ball, hip abduction, and standing calf raise; all for 8 repetitions.

On Saturdays he’s out to enjoy the nature with more cardio like running and other sports. He says he works out for four or five times a week and does track workouts, MMA work and kickboxing for variety. In off season, his routine does not really change. His diet becomes more lax, more of cookies and ice cream but he does work out so it’s not really a problem at all.

Adrian-f4Adrian also reiterates to budding fitness conscious out there to don’t forget to take their rest for your mind and your muscles. It’s always better to train with your body fresh and ready every time. Thanks a lot to Celebrities Workouts.