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6 Super Effective Resistance Bands Exercises

Want to take a break from the gym or just start exercising without spending too much money? Here we are going to introduce you to the most effective and easiest way to train your body.

If you thought that the only way to develop and tone up muscles was by using weights you were totally wrong according to Best Resistance Bands Reviews.

Now, with the aid of some resistance bands, you can even do more than with weights for your body. They don’t only give a full, perfect wide range of exercises you can do anywhere and whenever you want, but they’re awesomely effective and will improve both your strength and your shape.

Also, being one of the most powerful gears you can use to work out, they will even help you at increasing the tension and targeting some muscles that you wouldn’t be able with weights, giving you a full range of movements and a wide range of routines to do. You won’t ever feel like resistance bands are not doing its job.

Try the following exercises with your bands wherever you want, and we assure you an effective workout routine that will make you feel ripped after just a few weeks – START TODAY!

1st Exercise: Lunge with Biceps Curl

This wonderful exercise will help you at toning up both you gluteus and thighs. Also, it performs some pressure on the biceps making them look better and grow. To do it, you will have to:

a) Place the resistance band under your right or left feet, positioning the opposite foot behind you at 2 or 3 feet.
b) At this standing position, you will have to lower down until your back knee slightly touches the floor and then come back again
c) While going down, pull the handles up without moving your upper arms, just bending your elbows a little and lifting your forearms
d) Make sure your front knee is at a 90-degree angle, so it doesn’t surpass the position of the foot

Do at least 20 repetitions of this exercise in 2 or 3 sets.

2nd Exercise: Hug-the-World Plié

With this exercise, you will be able to tone up your gluteus muscles and thighs while also putting some tension on your back and chest. If done it correctly, you will feel the effects in just one week as this exercise is super effective.

What to do:

a) Stand in a straight position with your feet a little wider than your hip-width and feet looking out
b) Loop the band on your back around chest level
c) Extend the hand at your sides grabbing the handles and putting some tension in the band
d) At this starting position, you will have to push inside with the handles until both hands touch together and then come back again to starting position slowly
e) At the same time, go down in a squat movement without moving your feet, thighs should be totally parallel to the floor
f) Then, return again to starting position

Repeat this exercise at least 20 times doing 2 or 3 sets per routine. You can increase the tension by looping a resistance band in your feet in the same position to make harder and more effective.

3rd Exercise: Squat with Overhead Press

We already know the amazing effects and benefits doing squats brings to us, however, with the help of resistance bands and a pressing movement we can now not only exercise our legs but our back and even our chest. Try the following to sculpt your body perfectly:

a) Put the handle under both your feet and grab it on both handles with your hands
b) Both handles should be a shoulder height facing upward
c) In this position, bend your knees until it looks you’re going to seat
d) While doing this, push both handles up in a pressing movement
e) Your arms you make a 90 degrees angle
f) The bands should always stay up, never go down with them

You can 20 do reps of this exercise, but we recommend doing it by time, with at least 1 minute.

4th Exercise: Crunch with Lat Pull-Down

For this exercise, you will need to anchor your resistance band to a sturdy object that won’t move. The resistance band should be at 2 or 3 feet high max. This exercise is wonderful for both your arms and abs. Also, it makes you sweat a lot, so it is very effective.

How to do it:

g) As if you were doing crunches, lay on your back and lift both your knees until they are facing up and your thighs are at a 90 degrees angle
h) Grab both handles of the anchored band
i) At this starting position, as if you were doing crunches, lift your torso up towards your thighs
j) Pull the handles while lifting your torso up towards your knees

You can add more tension by laying away from the anchoring point to add more resistance to the band and eventually increase the tension on both your arms and your abs.

Do at least 20 reps and 2 or 3 sets; you can add more reps for better results.

5th Exercise: Side Lunge with Side Raise

This exercise may feel a little difficult to do, but it is one of the most effective and perfect to tone up your body. You will be building up perfect glutes, thighs and also working out your back and arms.

This is how to do it:

k) Put one hand under one of your feet and grab the other handle with the same hand
l) With the handle in your hand, you will pull to the opposite side while also bending the opposite knee, so you are in a lunge-side position
m) The leg with the handle should be totally straightened in a 45 degrees angle
n) Come up again lifting the bending leg from the ground and pulling the handle to the other side
o) Do it slowly and stay on both up and down positions for 3 seconds each

If you want more effectiveness with this exercise, do it slowly. Make 3 sets of 20 reps each and then switch sides.

6th Exercise: The Monkey

Looking for a complete muscle firming exercise? This one is just the one you want, an amazing workout that will help you tone up your oblique abs, back, and shoulders. It is one of the easiest to do and will also help at making your legs look a lot better

What you need to do:

p) You will stand over the resistance band and grab both handles with both hands
q) Bending your knees a little, you will stand on an almost squatting position
r) Your thighs should be at a 45-degree angle
s) Then, you will bend your torso to one of your sides will pulling the resistance band on the other side
t) Try to grab the resistance band firmly, so it doesn’t lose tension
u) Do it by switching side every rep

You should do at least 30 rep in 3 or 4 sets. We recommend using more weight and tension on your resistance bands so you can work out your obliques much more and tone up your abs better.

If you want to know how to exactly make these exercises work, take a look at the following video:

Watching this video, you will realize that there are even more exercises to do with resistance bands.

Give them a try and find out for yourself how great resistance bands are for your body and how much you can get done with them.

Start TODAY and stay on the routine, and you will have a perfect body in just a few weeks! Here are some useful social sites to get good information from.

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